Kris Jenner gives us a peek into Kandyland

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Sometimes, I’d like to think my parents go pretty overboard when it comes to decorating for Christmas. With years and years of stocked up decorations, scratched up ornaments, and piles of leftover gift wrap, it is a well-known fact that mom’s love to decorate for the holidays.

If you’re the type of person to brag about how wonderful your home is at Christmas time, I can almost guarantee you, your family home has got nothing compared to Kris Jenner.

Every year, the Kardashians go over the top with Christmas decorations. Some have three or four trees, they post regularly about their elf on the shelf games, and their kids have a vast amount of unneeded presents.

This year, Kris Jenner topped her previous records by letting you into her decorated Calabasas mansion for a tour of her Kandyland Wonderland. Filmed for Architectural Digest, the momager posted a festive clip proving no one can top a Kardashian when it comes to decorating.

The clip shows shots of her elegant, ginormous Christmas tree, a red bear statue, life-size nutcrackers and more all fill Jenner’s home. Even her gingerbread houses are so elegant and well-crafted with all of her families names frosted on.

As Architectural Digest moves through the Kardashian mom’s home, she declares how crazy she is for setting the table and leaving it decorated all season long. The table hosts a beautiful display of roses, and gold Christmas accents.

As true Kardashian fans know, the Kardashian-Jenner family not only creates an over the top Christmas card every year, but they also host a star-studded Christmas Eve party. So it’s only right to go over the top in decorations, right?

To be fair to all of the Christmas crazy mom’s out there, I am sure your holiday parties would be just as magical, if you had a million dollars and all the help you needed to put it together.

Even with thousands in holiday decorations, I think I will stick to old Santa plates, and my childhood stockings. We can’t all be Kris Jenner’s.

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