Ke$ha Makes a Comeback

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Ke$ha, known for singing pop songs like ‘Your love is my drug’ and ‘Tik Tok,’ came out with an emotional new song, ‘Praying.’ Unlike her previous on the surface pop songs, this one is representative of how far she has come despite the exasperating legal battles she has faced in the last years.

Ever since 2015, Ke$ha has been in the middle of a legal fiasco with her former producer and manager Dr Luke (AKA Lukas Gottwald). Ke$ha actually sued him for charges to include sexual assault, date-rape drugs and emotional manipulation. Dr Luke has denied all of these charges and because of this legal disaster (dismissed in California, ongoing in New York City), she hasn’t been able to release any new music.

That is, until now. In fact, on August 11 the pop star will release her third album, Rainbow, and she officially released this hit single, ‘Praying.’ The single was co-written with Australian artist Ben Abraham. The song and video are powerful, showing a new side of Ke$ha no one has seen before.

In the video below, you will see Ke$ha opening up about her depression in a sorrowful introduction. It is clear that this song and video are a slap in the face to Gottwald, considering she clearly turned her utmost sorrow into strength. Make sure to watch it for yourself here:

Ke$ha said in a statement, “I’ve never been more excited about a piece of art I’ve ever done in my entire life,” she said about the song. “This is truly from the inside of my guts.”

Also, Ke$ha spoke about the rest of her album, Rainbow, which will come out August 11. Apparently, Kesha chose the title Rainbow because “the shit storm’s over –and this is the beginning of the good stuff.” We are happy to see Ke$ha back at it and making a comeback with the purposeful song, ‘Praying.’

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