Lamar Odom tells his story in new “The Doctors” interview

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We have always been used to Keeping Up with the Kardashians, but now it’s time to keep up with Lamar Odom. The former Lakers player is set to tell the world what really happened on the night of his overdose, dish on the Kardashians, and allow people to follow him on the road to recovery.

The former NBA star recounted what happened the day he was hospitalized to “The Doctors” star Travis Stork. In a teaser clip, Lamar is seen talking about his last memory being in the brothel trying to rest a little bit.

Lamar states that he didn’t know what had happened until Khloe Kardashian informed him that he was in a coma. He recalls not being able to move or talk and that he was extremely scared.

Odom recently voluntarily checked himself into a rehab facility near San Diego, California. Lamar’s full interview with Travis Stork will air in January after he completes his treatment.

Over one year after the athlete was hospitalized, Lamar was said to be extremely clear headed in his interview and is very open with what he has faced in his past.

Aside from the upcoming compelling interview, there are rumors flying around that Lamar is set to star in his own reality show which will focus on his recovery. This was something he chose to do, and he wants to clear the air on how he plans to remain sober and regain himself 100%.

“I guess they say everything happens for a reason. I guess the reason is I’m here…I can tell the story.” – Lamar Odom on speaking about his recovery.

As of right now, Lamar Odom is focusing on living a healthy lifestyle and being a good dad to his kids. He is taking in all of the support he can get from his friends and family, and asks that everyone respect his privacy when trying to return to a normal life.

View the teaser clip below.

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