Entertainer Quickie: Jessica Simpson’s baby delivery and Brad and Angelina’s engagement

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Jessica Simpson baby news

Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson’s pregnancy, like may celebrity moms-to-be, has been widely publicized as fans and reporters wait eagerly to hear that the baby has finally arrived.  As of late these highly attentive followers are suspicious that the big day has already come.  Sources are piecing together little bits of information that the singer and fashionista is now a proud parent.  The speculation includes Simpson being MIA recently, no new photos have surfaced of the star and none have been submitted to agencies according to  Fans have also noticed the eerie silence of her twitter account.  An active tweeter, the star has not posted anything for almost a week.  Neglecting to even tweet about a new show of the series she is on called “Fashion Star.”

Clues from last month also point to this week to be the time that she is expecting.  After being questioned about her due date because the media thought she was about to pop any moment, Simpson told Ellen Degeneres that her due date was still a few weeks away.  It’s even possible that because Simpson is expecting a large baby (her OB/GYN thinks it could be nine pounds) they opted to have induce labor.  If that’s the case the mother and child could be resting up at the hospital this very moment.


Brad and Angelina’s Engagement

Brad Pitt

The couple has remained famously unmarried for seven years, but now that the kids are getting older Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have decided to tie the knot.  The reason that they’re citing is that their six children have been wondering why their parents don’t have the same, traditional happy ending that they see in so many Hollywood movies.  As of right now the date and location are being kept secret, but many suspect it will be soon and the location will be at the couples house in France.  One of the most anticipated aspects of the wedding will be Jolie’s dress that has some people wondering if anyone will stitch a thigh-high slit into her wedding dress.

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