Roger Moore, James Bond Actor, Dies

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89-year-old Roger Moore, who is predominantly known for his role as James Bond 007, died on Tuesday in Switzerland. As a British actor who brought humor, eloquence and impeccable acting to the big screens, we are devastated to report on this tragedy. However, his legacy of playing the role of the Bond, James Bond, will go down in history forever and the films will never be forgotten because of him.

Moore suffered from cancer, which was confirmed by a statement from his family on Tuesday. Moore was divorced three times and married four. In 2002 he married Swedish Kristina Tholstrup. He is survived by Tholstrup; his sons, Geoffrey and Christian; a daughter, Deborah; and his grandchildren. The family wishes to have a private funeral ceremony only to include family, in Monaco.

Famous for his seven “007” films in between 1973-85, Moore’s career as James Bond did not start until age 46. Nonetheless, he made a lasting impact as an unforgettable star. He replaced the predecessor Sean Connery and made the films take a more humorous direction. Additionally, he was seen as a sex symbol and icon in pop culture across the nation in his earlier years.

In addition to his role as James Bond, Moore also played in TV shows and was a humanitarian. He was specifically known for his roles in the TV series titled, “The Persuaders and The Saint.” In 1991, Audrey Hepburn introduced Moore to Unicef, who was appointed as a goodwill ambassador in 1991.

Aside from Moore’s family, celebrities across the nation are sending there condolences. Moore made a great influence on heroic figures for future films after the Bond series and touched many lives. Though we are devastated for his loss, we are thankful he is no longer suffering and will always remember him for his role as the Bond, James Bond.

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