Taylor Swift Trial

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Taylor Swift accused ex-DJ radio host David Mueller of groping as they took a picture together back in 2013. Since the two have completely different views about what happened, a federal trial will now decide whether or not the accusation is in fact valid. The jury will consist of eight people, chosen out of a group of 60.

In 2013, Swift invited disk jockey Mueller, who was formerly known as “Jackson” on the KYGO morning show to a “meet and greet” in Denver, Colorado on June 2. After Mueller, who was with his girlfriend, and Swift chatted for a while the three of them posed for a picture. After this picture was taken, the two have completely different visions of what happened thereafter.

Swift specifically accused Mueller of inappropriately touching her while the picture was being taken, whereas he said exactly the opposite. After Swift made this accusation, Mueller lost his job just a few days later; thus, he decided to sue Swift, her mother, Andrea, and her radio promotions director, Frank Bell, in 2015. He claims that his professional and personal reputation was completely tarnished.

23-years-old at the time, Swift decided to counter-sue Mueller and she claimed that he lifted up her skirt and groped her without her consent. She also had photo evidence of the incident to back her story up, which leaked back in 2016.

Swift overlooked the trial in the Denver courtroom on Monday, and we are expecting to see her take the stand at one point during the nine-day trial. During the trial on Monday, Swift and Mueller didn’t look at each other once.

Swift hopes that this trial will help women speak out when they are put in similar positions. She also claimed that any monetary awards would be donated to charitable organizations¬†“dedicated to protecting women from similar acts of sexual assault.”

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