Rihanna’s Instagram Photo is Something Else

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Over the weekend, Rihanna teased her Instagram followers with one of the most talked about outfits in celebrity history. On Monday, she finally showed her entire bedazzled outfit and turquoise hair when she attended the Crop Over Festival in Barbados.

Rihanna specifically wore a pink and gold jewel encrusted costume that was extremely revealing, but seemed suitable for her style. The outfit was complete with pink, green, red and turquoise feathers that were attached to the back of her outfit and made her appear as if she was a peacock capable of flying. Also, her whole head of hair is turquoise, but somehow, she definitely pulled it all off.

Not only did social media drop dead at the sight of her jaw-dropping Instagram pictures, but so did her ex-boyfriend, Chris Brown. Chris Brown commented with ‘just the eye’ emoji, and defensive Rihanna fans were unhappy about it. Rihanna has yet to comment about Brown’s reaction to her stunning Instagram photo so far.

Back in 2009, Chris Brown went from one of America’s biggest sweethearts, to one of America’s biggest enemies when he sexually assaulted Rihanna. Chris pleaded guilty to the accusations and took full responsibility, however, defensive Rihanna fans haven’t forgiven him for his infidelities. This was particularly noticeable after he commented on her revealing pictures this weekend.

In fact, many Rihanna fans took to Twitter and other social media platforms to exclaim their unhappiness with Brown’s comment. Many loyal Rihanna fans responded with comments like “stay away” and “leave” on her Instagram post. Afterwards, many tweeters showed their anger in a heated discussion about Brown.

Though Rihanna hasn’t responded to Brown’s or her fan’s comments yet, we will let you know if she ends up doing so in the future. Until then, stay tuned with the latest celebrity gossip with SD Entertainer.

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