Jennifer Lawrence on the Cover of Vogue

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Jennifer Lawrence has been a hot commodity as of late due to her new film, ‘Mother,’ which is supposed to come out this coming Sept. 5. Now, she is on the cover of Vogue, with a total of four different cover images, and she looks more like a star than ever before in each of them.

For one of the covers, the American artist John Curin was in charge and he did not disappoint. Curin expressed that it was difficult to create this cover, because of how recognizable Lawrence’s features are. He said, “Everybody knows what she looks like, so millions of people will see any mistakes you make.” Despite his anxiety, the cover looks magical, to say the very least.

Curin’s beautiful image of Lawrence echoes his mission of his art pieces. His work focuses on  “ideational yet challengingly perverse images of women, from lusty nymphs and dour matrons to more ethereal feminine prototypes,” which is taken from his biography.

A long time ago, he was influenced by fashion magazines to inspire some of his work, as well. He said, “It was a way to make conventional oil paintings that didn’t quite work in the right way.” We personally believe this is his best work yet.

Interviewer Jason Gay actually asked Lawrence who would be the lucky one to keep the painting and Lawrence obliviously replied,  “Who else would want it?” We use the word, “obliviously” because we are certain that many people would want this masterpiece of the super star.

For other images of Vogue, she is posing with the statue of liberty and horses. These particular images were taken by the famed Annie Leibowitz, Bruce Weber, and Inez and Vindooh.

The covers of Vogue Magazine will officially hit the news stands on Aug.22. Make sure to get your issue!


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