Taylor Swift Has No Concert 2017 dates

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Taylor Swift has no tour dates planned for 2017. She performed, perhaps, her first and only show at the Pre-Super Bowl show in Houston in front of an intimate group of 9,000 fans. The pop sensation revealed that this show might be the last one of 2017 considering no tour dates are planned, but graced the stage with a lasting impression.

Unsurprisingly, Swift left everything on the stage, featuring her most popular songs and her newest single. Some of the songs in her set included ‘Shake it Off,’ ‘Bad Blood,’ ‘22,’ ‘I Knew You Were Trouble,’ and ‘Never Getting Back Together.’ She also sang her first-ever performance of ‘Better Man,’ which is a song she wrote for the country group Little Big Town.

She also sang ‘I Don’t Want to Live Forever,’ but swapped Zayn Malik with her trusty guitar for an acoustic ensemble. The crowd went wild when the song started and she had to assure them Malik was not in the building.

This announcement was shocking, but need not forget Swift’s accomplishments of 2016. In 2016 alone, Swift earned the Grammy Album of the Year and was the first person to win twice for her own album. Additionally, she earned the Grammy Best Music Video for ‘Bad Blood’ and best pop vocal album for ‘1989.’ Swift also has 21 Billboard Music awards, which is the most of any one artist.

Taylor Swift so far has no concert dates for 2017. It is uncertain where 2017 will take Swift, but she went out with a bang considering her show in Houston at the Pre-Super Bowl party and infinite achievements this past year. Hopefully Swift was bluffing and will go back on tour because her fans might not be able to ‘Shake it Off’ if they can’t see her perform for a year.

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