Jack Johnson: Musician, Filmmaker, and Environment Activist

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Jack Johnson’s singing voice is recognizably angelic, but he is also saintly considering his passion for saving the environment. On Feb. 9, Johnson released a short film called ‘Smog of the Sea,’ which is fueled by his need to raise awareness on the polluted ocean. The film he created also came with a captivating song, “Fragments.”

Johnson’s 30-minute moving documentary, ‘Smog at Sea’ is free to stream online for a limited amount of time. In the first few minutes, Johnson’s endearing strum of the guitar is in the background and old footage of the glorious ocean appear on the screen. Johnson, environmental advocates, surfers and a team of scientists go on an excursion in the ocean in order to demonstrate the detrimental plastic particles amassing. ‘Smog at Sea’ is directed by Emmy-nominated filmmaker Ian Cheney and recognizes the growing pollution damaging all areas of the ocean.

Though this film is on the verge of depressing, the song ‘Fragments’ Johnson produced is both catchy and meaningful. Through this song, he inspires environmental consciousness whilst maintaining a positive and hopeful stature. In the song he questions, “Things that we all love and hate, why can’t we relate?” In this one line, he further exemplified his motivation to cease our collective state of oblivion and focus on what we collectively love.

In this film and song, Johnson is identifiably enthusiastic about the environment and is an active player in sustainability. In fact, he and his wife even made the Johnson Ohana Charitable Foundation and Kokua Hawaii Foundation. He has also performed in kid’s classrooms in order to instill mindfulness at a young age.

Excitedly enough, Johnson will be going on tour again starting in Summer 2017. Unfortunately, there won’t be any San Diego shows, but he will be performing at the Hollywood Bowl in LA on July 17th. Instead of just ‘Sitting, Waiting, Watching’ around your computer, buy these tickets as soon as possible before they sell out.

From ‘Sitting, waiting, watching’ to ‘Bubble toes,’ to ‘Banana pancakes,’ Johnson’s endearing acoustic style is melodic and illuminates crowds filled with thousands of people. Even though his heavenly vocals have the power to light up a room, his role in environmental activism mutually deserves a standing ovation. The song, ‘Fragments’ and documentary ‘Smog at Sea’ are living proof.

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