Taylor Swift Now Dating Joe Alwyn

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Taylor Swift is now dating Joe Alwyn, and I know what you’re probably thinking. Who is Joe Alwyn? Considering Swift has commonly dated super stars, it is surprising to see her with someone not many people are familiar with. In fact, many people are considering this is all a publicity stunt.

On the other hand, Alwyn is ridiculously attractive and from London, so that is a reason enough to believe that this isn’t all a publicity stunt. Also, Alwyn has acted in several known films. Joe Alwyn was born on February 21, 1991 in London, England. He is an actor, known for Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk (2016), A Higher Education (2011) and The Sense of an Ending (2017).

Nevertheless some of Swift ex-boyfriends include Joe Jonas, Taylor Lautner, Jake Gyllenhaal, John Mayer, Harry Styles, and even Calvin Harris. On a similar, but unrelated note, Swift also wrote songs about almost each and every one of these past break ups with the super stars listed. Therefore, this might be the end of Alwyn’s somewhat anonymity.

Alwyn is most well known for his sex scene with Mackenzie Leigh, a scene that is now being brought to a lot of media attention after the news of Swift and Alwyn’s relationship.

And in light of the new romance, scenes of Joe Alwyn having a steamy romp with co-star Makenzie Leigh in his first big flick Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk have come to light. Alwyn, 26, can be seen shirtless as he and the gorgeous American actress embrace for the movie which was released in the US in November and in the UK in February.

Taylor has been flying into London to see Alwyn frequently, so hopefully this won’t just be another inclination to write more break up songs or a publicity stunt. Maybe this one will actually work out for Swift.

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