Renewable Energy Set to Surpass Coal for First Time in America

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The American renewable energy industry is booming, with efforts on pace to produce more electricity than coal during the month of April. According to a report published by the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis, this will be the first time renewable resources have surpassed more traditional forms of energy production.

Coal has previously held the throne as the top means of energy production in the US, but it has since been surpassed by natural gas, a much cleaner burning fuel. Now, coal stands to slip even further as renewable energy sources like wind and solar are poised to take its place.

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This marks massive progress in America’s renewable energy sources, which just 10 years ago, had very little presence other than hydroelectric power. Thanks to a strong wave of investment into wind and solar power, it has made these technologies considerably cheaper, and much more efficient.

The widespread concern of climate change and global warming have also been a catalyst for the rise of renewable energy use. Countless Americans have taken the stand against dirty energy sources, imploring their representatives to support bills that will usher the nation into a clean energy revolution.

The report by the IEEFA cities that renewable energy projects are expected to soar in the coming years. It’s projected that hydro, biomass, wind, solar, and geothermal will all contribute toward generating more than 240 gigawatts of energy, the current amount that coal generates. This is a far cry from the proposed current White House Administration plans to rejuvenate the coal industry through cutting regulations.

The average coal plant is 40 years old, with most becoming phased out after 60 years. Many existing coal plants across the nations are beginning to cross this threshold, with some in dire need of repairs and maintenance. This only bolsters the appeal of the renewable energy sector, making it seemingly inevitable for America to finally transition to cleaner energy.

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