Entertainer Quickie: Randy Travis drunk in public; “The Colbert Report” mysteriously suspended

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Randy Travis Drunk in Public

Video of Randy Travis getting arrested released to public by Texas police

Super Bowl is just cause for celebration for Americans nationwide, and that includes multiple Grammy award-winning country singers. On February 6 at 1:30 a.m., the morning after the big game, country singer and actor Randy Travis was admitted into the Denton County jail in North Texas, for what appeared to be public intoxication. A spokesperson for the sheriff’s department reports that the 6-time Grammy Award winner was found parked in front of a church, wreaking of alcohol, with an open bottle of wine.

The Texas police just recently released a dash cam video of the arrest, which features the inebriated singer uttering the now infamous phrase, “Are you kidding me?”

Travis took full responsibility for his actions and confessed that he partied a little too hard during the Super Bowl.

If any publicity is good publicity, the video could not have come at a more perfect time, as Travis is currently in the middle of a North American tour to celebrate his 25th anniversary. With a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, 22 number one hit records, and 25 million records sold, Travis is one of the most successful country acts to date. Now the country star can add one more record to his awesome slew of hits: a criminal record.

Steven Colbert puts show on hold

Fans of the hit satirical show “The Colbert Report” were left bewildered when Steven Colbert temporarily suspended taping. His twitter account has been dormant since Tuesday, and on February 15 the following day, audience members were stunned when they received news last minute that taping for the day had been cancelled and an email stating soon after apologizing for the inconvenience.

“Due to unforeseen circumstances, the show will air repeat episodes on Wednesday, February 15 and Thursday, February 16,” says Comedy Central spokesman Steve Albani.

“The Colbert Report” is a spin-off from the Emmy-award winning Comedy Central series “The Daily Show” and is essentially a spoof of the conservative Fox News talk show “The O’Reilly Factor.” One rumor suggests that the show was suspended due to an illness in Colbert’s family. With no official statement from the network or from Colbert himself regarding the reason behind the show’s temporary suspension, everything is left to speculation, or as Colbert would put it, “Truthiness.”

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