Mattel Barbies of Prince William and Kate Middleton coming soon

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A princess having a Barbie counterpart is nothing new to the world of fairy tales and childish fantasies, but Mattel has announced that a real-life Cinderella will be joining the ranks and be immortalized into a miniature rendition.  In honor of their one year anniversary Prince William and Kate Middleton will be made into Barbies that capture the big day when the couple finally said “I do.”

The dolls will be wearing exact replicas of the royal couple’s outfits on the day of the wedding which include a miniature version of the gown by Sarah Burton that had the fashion world tingling with joy over the chic elegance of the dress.  Everything will be replicated from the lace sleeves to the hand embroidered detail on the veil.  By her side Prince William will be represented in a red and blue military jacket. The Princess Katherine doll will even include miniatures of the Cartier “halo” tiara and her sapphire engagement ring.  Both are heirlooms from the royal family.  The tiara dates back to 1936 when King George VI purchased it for his wife, it was lent to Katherine by the Queen who received it as a gift on her 18th birthday.  The sapphire ring was confirmed to have once belonged to Prince William’s mother Diana.

Making their first appearance on April 7th the dolls will mark precisely one year since the couple’s wedding and the conclusion of their first year modernizing the monarchy.  Given the title the Duke and Duchess of  Cambridge, the royal couple’s initial year together has been a whirlwind.  Traveling the globe and making numerous public appearances the two have succeeded in bringing fresh faces to the British royalty.  It’s no secret that the two have made headlines in every major publication in England, but the real-life Cinderella story has become wildly popular in the United States.  Katherine Middleton has become a fashion icon and a role model to girls from the east coast to the west coast and even surprising the British press on the other side of the pond.  Royal photographer, Chris Jackson, had this to say about Kate:

“She has focused the world’s attention on the U.K. royal family, making them the headline story. For any photographer, this is a huge buzz. We have at least a year of ‘Kate firsts’ to look forward to as she is welcomed into the life of a full-time royal: her first state dinner, the tiara shot. Further into the future, we have pregnancies and babies. The royal story is really an exciting place to be at the moment, and this is all due to Kate.”

Besides the huge buzz about the new princess in the family, the public can’t hesitate to believe the genuine romance between the two.  No doubt there will be many clamoring for miniatures of the pair, but before you start shopping for one realize that these limited edition dolls are being sold at for a crisp 100 dollars.  The set is not a toy, but a true collector’s item to commemorate one of the romances of the century.

For a look at the dolls in all their matrimonial glory visit the Barbie Collector website at:

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