Shakira attacked by a sea lion and Kobe Bryant and Vanessa reconciling

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Shakira’s Run-In with Sea Lion

“Suddenly, one of them jumped out of the water so fast and impetuously that it got about one foot away from me, looked me in the eye, roared in fury and tried to bite me.”

The new tagline for a film about man-eating beasts?  No, this is Shakira’s own account of the attack she survived from a flesh hungry sea lion off the coast of South America three days ago.  Well, the sea lion may not have actually been hungry for the Colombian star’s flesh, but the normally docile creature did manage to scare the singer as it reportedly tried to bite her.  Chances are it didn’t like the baby talk Shakira was using to coax the beast into a picture or her attempt to pet the wild animal.  The singer herself believes that the adult sea lion thought that the blackberry she was trying to take pictures with was a shiny fish.  Thinking it was being taunted by a beautiful pop sensation the sea lion was launched into a rage that left Shakira “paralyzed by fear and couldn’t move.”  The frightened crowd who was watching also let out screams of concern.

Nevertheless, Shakira and her fellow tourists breathed a heavy sigh of relief when her brother leaped over her to help climb to a safer spot on the rocks.  Both received some minor scratches from the incident while they “protected themselves,” but were otherwise unharmed.

Despite the incident they continued the vacation in Cape Town without fear of the native wildlife.  A picture was posted later of Shakira posing with some penguins on the beach stating, “Today with the penguins! Definitely friendlier!!”

Kobe Marriage Update

Another pair reportedly getting friendlier is the estranged husband and wife Kobe and Vanessa Bryant.  The two have had a highly publicized, tumultuous relationship that included Kobe facing charges of rape and being caught cheating on Vanessa with multiple women.  Reportedly Vanessa found out about her husband’s infidelity because she was approached by the wives of other basketball players who had heard about the women after Kobe told his teammates about his escapades.

The basketball star signed the divorce papers Vanessa filed citing “irreconcilable differences” back in December and the break-up has appeared to be carrying on.  The couple did not sign a prenuptial agreement before marriage so if they do decide to make the divorce final Vanessa will inherit half of everything that Kobe has made during their marriage.  Recently this includes Vanessa being awarded ownership of the couple’s three Newport Beach homes, estimated to be worth 18.8 million.

However, this past Tuesday Vanessa was seen cheering on Kobe at a Laker’s game against the Atlanta Hawks and the two were caught sharing a very public smooch with Vanessa sporting red for the holiday.  Perhaps the two have decided to give their 10 year marriage, which has fostered two children, another chance.  Because the divorce has not been finalized the couple has until about mid-June to withdraw the papers if they decide to reconcile.  Whether this sighting was just a Valentine’s Day fluke or the couple will really come back from the brink of breaking-up will only become clear as time goes on, but friends of the couple have stated that they would not be surprised if the make-up became permanent.


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