Padres’ 2010 season – It is looking good!

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Photo from 'hober' via Flickr

Photo from 'hober' via Flickr

San Diego Padres fans are excited. It’s baseball season, and unlike last year we can expect to cheer on more wins this season. Get ready, because it’s time for beer and garlic fries at Petco Park!

Earlier this week our Padres kicked off their 42nd season with 1 win and 2 defeats against the Arizona Diamondbacks. They will continue their fight to stay strong in the National League West against the Colorado Rockies. With both teams sharing records of 1-2 so far, this weekend’s series will be an exciting one to watch.

Last year, the Padres finished 12th in the National League with 75 wins and 87 losses, a .463 percentage. The Padres have seen better days, that’s certain, but with some serious trades and a successful spring training, our beloved Padres are expected to do much better this 2010 season.

Although Jake Peavy was traded, the Padres still have pitchers Chris Young and Kevin Correia, who are both looking good this year. Other all stars such as first baseman Adrian Gonzalez and outfielder Tony Gwynn Jr. are also a part of this year’s lineup.

The Padres’ first home game is Monday, April 12th against the Atlanta Braves at 3:35PM, followed by a break on Tuesday and then home games everyday until the following Thursday. Starting on Friday the 16th, the Padres take on the Arizona Diamondbacks once again, but this time on their home turf. The San Francisco Giants come to Petco Park on Monday.

The 2010 season is filled with exciting matchups and plenty of home games—home games that are now more affordable. Yesterday, the Padres were reported as having the second-lowest Fan Cost Index, meaning that fans will be able to enjoy a Padres game at an inexpensive price compared to all teams in Major League Baseball. According to, the average ticket price has dropped 15.4 percent since last year, in order to make Padres games more “affordable and family friendly” in this tough economy. Food and hat prices have also decreased this year.

“Whether they’re winning or losing, fans are always really stoked to be there,” Cedina Austria, San Diego native and die-hard Padre fan says. “Despite all the changes that have been made over the last season, I think the Padres are going to ‘bring it’ this season.”


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