Personal Disaster Plans To Be Mailed To San Diego Residents in Areas of Fire Risk

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For those living in areas of severe fire risk, the County of San Diego is preparing to mail out disaster plans that will outline necessary steps to stay safe. The 16-page document will serve as a template and guide for emergency planning in the event of a severe fire, as wildfire season begins to pose a major risk. 

Nearly 200,000 homes and businesses are designated as residing in high fire hazard zones, all of which will be receiving this plan in the mail starting October 28th. The guide will also be available at the San Diego County Library’s 33 branch locations in November, in addition to being online in both English and Spanish.

The plan will include crucial tips that can be used during times of emergencies, as well as room for residents to note important information like emergency contacts, medical conditions or equipment, and a personal doctor. The guide has also included updated details such as: 

  • Expanded hazard information.
  • Additional preparedness and response tips for wildfires, home fires, earthquakes and flooding.
  • More emergency kit items.
  • Information about alert and warning systems such as the County’s AlertSanDiego and Wireless Emergency Alerts.
  • Defined important disaster terminology used in San Diego County such as: evacuation orders, warnings and shelter-in-place.

“This is the most dangerous time of the year. This is when some of our biggest wildfires have happened,” said Chairwoman Dianne Jacob, San Diego County Board of Supervisors. “While the County has done a lot to prepare for wildfire, and we’re better prepared than we’ve ever been, the fact remains that our region is only one bad Santa Ana wind away from another disaster. Residents and businesses must do their part, too. Our bigger, better Personal Disaster Plan guide will help them do that.”

A recent survey conducted by the County showed that only 50% of residents felt as if they were prepared to evacuate their homes within 15 minutes if a crisis arose. An even smaller 38% were found to have an executable emergency plan. With this new plan being mailed out to at-risk residents, the County hopes it will inspire them to think about and develop a plan of their own.

“Do not wait for a disaster to make a plan, because it will cost you and your family time that you may not have,” said Deputy Chief Nick Schuler, CAL FIRE/San Diego County Fire. Taking the time out of your day to develop a plan will be of great benefit in the long run, ensuring that you and your loved ones remain safe in the event of any emergency. 

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