Padres season coming to a close

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San Diego Padres Game (Photo from 'DB Blas' via Flickr)

San Diego Padres Game (Photo from 'DB Blas' via Flickr)

With the Padres season coming to a close in a little over a month, there’s no denying that this season’s been a disappointment. With a record of 52 wins and 74 losses, the San Diego Padres are now 5th in the National League West. In a year like this its important to be able to pick out the little things to be happy with as a sign of progress.

One thing to be happy about is the emergence of outfielder Kyle Blanks. During his mere two months in the majors he’s accumalated nine home runs and 20 RBI’s in 146 at bats. One home run was an unforgettable in the park home run, that exhilarated fans and showed them that the large 6-6 player can move.

The Padres also added young talent in the form of Donavan Tate, the third overall pick in this year’s draft. He struggled between baseball and playing football at North Carolina before deciding on coming to the Padres.

The Padres also signed their second round pick outfielder Everett Williams, sending both players down to the farm team to gain experience. With a year like this, young talent is a shining light in the organization that’s already looking towards new season. The Padres community is ready to look past this season and are already imagning what Blanks, Tate, and Williams, can do for their team in the future.

Games in the upcoming weeks are against the Giants and the Rockies. Discount Padres tickets are being offered through a new bundle deal at the front office. The bundle consists of an upper reserved seat, a coke, and  a hot dog all for around $12. Considering the normaly expensive ball park food, this is a great package deal for baseball lovers. These deals are likely meant to stimulate ticket sales during this period of economic downturn.

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