New Research Shows Californians are Leaving for Other States

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Recent census data shows that 691,000 people moved out of California, while only 501,000 people moved into the state last year. 

Former Californians are moving to Texas (86,164), Arizona (68,516), Washington (55,467), or Nevada (50,707) among other states. Texas has been actively increasing its overall rate of employment, adding 283,000 new jobs. While California added 271,600 new jobs in 2018, the Golden State also has 10 million more people than Texas.

Arizona has also been active in its attempt to attract Californians to the state. The Greater Phoenix Economic Council #CAStruggle campaign promised Californian’s lower taxes, financial benefits, and lower housing costs. 

Housing costs are one of the biggest factors driving Californians to leave the state. A UC Berkeley poll found that at least half of California voters have given some thought of moving, with 71% citing the high cost of living as being the main reason for moving. Other reasons include high taxes (51%) and the current political culture (46%). 

A 2017 analysis showed that many of the people leaving California tend to be relatively poor, with many lacking college degrees. The analysis detailed that as you ascend the income spectrum, you are more likely to stay or move to California. 

This comes at a time when millions of Californians are dealing with rolling blackouts and devastating wildfires for yet another year. Coupled with the state’s current housing crisis, many young Californians are disenfranchised to the chance of owning a home and building a future within the state. 

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