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Apple has always been an industry pioneer; taking chances when other companies wouldn’t, doing things that might seem controversial. As we saw with the release of the iPhone 7, with no headphone jack or a home button you can actually push down. With the release of the iPhone 8 coming in September at Apple’s iPhone 10th anniversary, rumors are flying throughout the media about what the company might be changing next.

The newest of these rumors include changes to the screen, shape and charging port of the iPhone we see today.

Screen: According to the Wall Street Journal, which has been a trustworthy source for previous Apple rumors, has reported that the next smartphone will feature a flexible OLED display, instead of the LED which has been used in the past.

Shape: A more speculative rumor also going around is that the next iPhone will have a curved display, like some of Samsung’s phones that they have released in the past. Some tech writers are saying that this rumor probably isn’t true, as it doesn’t seem likely that Apple would branch that far away from their usual iPhone formula. But if it is true, the curved screen model will be marketed as a premium, limited-time option and could cost $1000.

Charging port: iPhone’s have already experienced the change of charging cables once before when the iPhone 5 was released a little less than five years ago. The phone upgraded from a 30-pin connector to the Lightning cable that is used now. But, in unexpected fashion, Apple is reportedly ditching the Lightning cable for the widely-used USB Type-C port. While unorthodox for Apple, this change makes sense since their other products like laptops and tablets use this type of port and the USB-C is just as compact as the Lightning cable. In addition to the new cables, a noted Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicted that Apple will also be releasing three wireless charge iPhones this year.

We will have to wait until September for any of these rumors to be confirmed, but as we have seen from the past, iPhones are still the always popular iPhones, no matter what changes the company may make.

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