San Diego’s Young Entrepreneurs—Why You Need Them Around

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San Diego is not only considered to be one of the most sought after cities to live in the United States but is also known for providing entrepreneurs the essential tools to improve their new businesses. Back in 2014, Forbes named San Diego as the best place in the country to launch a startup.

San Diego really does take first place for startups, considering the many young entrepreneurs on the rise. Let’s take a deeper look into three of San Diego’s young entrepreneurs on the road to success who have been making a name for themselves in America’s finest city.

SDE was able to sit down and interview each of these bright and eager individuals who care deeply about their business’ success. We found they also care about the community and making it a better environment for everyone.


Bump Coffee is the next up and coming coffee shop in San Diego. As San Diegan’s we know good coffee when we see it and we know a coffee shop on every corner.

Bump Coffee isn’t just your regular cup of joe considering they prepare each cup of coffee in their on-the-go food truck. On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays you can catch them next to the Cardiff Kook offering delicious and strong drinks that will satisfy your caffeine fix. Their coffee can also be purchased on their website.

Trevor Mertens, founder of Bump Coffee elaborated on his passion for his business and told us what the shop stands for.

I guess you could say we started it because we wanted to do something different with our lives. It was really about setting ourselves free from the daily grind/answering to somebody else, etc. We chose coffee because we love it and it was a great part of our day because it really set up the day in a positive way. Everything kind of goes on after you get coffee,” said Mertens.

Keep on grinding guys and thank you for providing San Diego with the extra boost needed to fulfill our day-to-day duties. 

Instagram: @BumpCoffee


The Boss Babes Brunch Club is the “non-networking network.” It’s a place to build community, ask questions, and get inspired by the other women who are making a difference. They have events where you can get the knowledge, network, and necessities that will make you a better business woman without the strains of a suit and tie. So grab a glass of champagne, prepare yourself to meet some boss babes, and have some fun. Welcome to the Club.

We were fortunate enough to meet up with one of the founders of Boss Babes Brunch Club, Alisha Ochoa.

“It’s always been important to me that women feel heard and supported. Boss Babes Brunch Club strives to provide that. We focus on creating community, instead of competition because when we work together, we all benefit. It’s been so inspiring to see women that we’re working with hustle a little more, make courageous decisions, and grow their business, and their friendships. Collaborating with small local businesses has allowed us to host everything from happy hours, to group workout sessions, and self-development workshops.”

“There’s great importance in creating a support system and to empowering women to be their best, we’re here to provide that space. No two women are identical, so we try to provide a little something for everyone,” said Ochoa.

Instagram: @BossBabesBrunchClub


Grit is a fresh & healthy convenience service coming to a corner near you. We believe we shouldn’t sacrifice fresh for fast and that you, the consumer deserve a better experience off of the highway. We live, we play, we go…We refuel. How are you refueling?
 “Busy and on the road for work I saw a need for a place that was quick and sold healthier, fresher options than what current convenient stores and fast food offer. To put it simply, I was tired of the crap food out there. If you are okay with burgers & fries, processed sammys or hot dogs & Slurpees every day, you’re covered…but if not, where do you grab a quick, healthy alternative?”
“Today we’re seeing more and more how what we eat directly relates to preventing disease and our future health. You know the saying “You are what you eat.” There is a need and the market is ready, we want to be the place you frequent and trust in bringing you the best,” said Elizabeth Miller, co-founder of Grit
The Grit commitment: products fresh made daily, local seasonal options, care & concern for patrons, and healthy choices.
Look for them June 2017.
Instagram: @ShopGrit
These young entrepreneurs are just a few of the many in San Diego making a difference and their efforts should be recognized. Make sure to check out these start-ups the next time you’re craving coffee, healthy alternatives to fast food, or possibly a sincere friendship.

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