Impossible Burgers Will Soon Be Available at Grocery Stores

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Impossible Foods, the company behind one of the best selling plant-based meat patties, has received approval from the FDA to sell their products at grocery stores around the country. Previously, consumers were only able to get their hands on an Impossible Burger at restaurants and fast food joints, but shortly after September 4, you’ll be able to pick some up at your local grocery store. 

The Impossible Burger contains key ingredients that make the plant-based meat look, feel and taste like the real thing. While plant-based meat patties have come a long way since their inception, Impossible Foods has managed to nearly perfect it, emulating real ground beef almost to the tee. The unique ingredient, called leghemoglobin, was held up in the FDA’s approval process due to concern over it being a potential allergen. 

The ingredient was tentatively approved last year, allowing Impossible Foods to launch their Impossible Burger at restaurants and fast food joints around the country. This included San Diego restaurants like Stone Brewing, Brew30, Pure Burger, Ballast Point, as well as offered at some Burger King locations. While sold at a higher price point than a ground beef burger, the Impossible Burger received rave reviews, with many saying it was indistinguishable from the real thing. 

Impossible Foods is now ramping up production to meet the growing demand for its plant-based meat product. The company expects to have it on shelves across the country by sometime this fall, so be on the lookout for it at your local grocery store. 

While plant-based meat still represents only a tiny fraction of the overall food industry when compared to actual meat, there is still an exponentially growing demand for products like the Impossible Burger. Impossible Foods is reportedly struggling to keep up with the heavy demand, but in the next six months or so, we will see if the demand for these products continues to hold. We don’t know it for sure, but we very may well be on the cusp of a meatless revolution. 

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