Fantasia Barrino overdoses

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Fantasia Barrino, American Idol Alum, has been hospitalized after an overdose on aspirin and sleep aids.

She’s been in the limelight before right after being crowned the 2004 American Idol winner, but these days Barrino is making headlines for a different reason. Barrino was reportedly rushed to a local hospital in her hometown of North Carolina Tuesday night after police received a 9-1-1 call. The police listed her condition as “serious” and then took her to the hospital. It was later determined that her injuries were “not life threatening.”

Barrino is said to be recuperating and her manager, Brian Dickens, says she did ingest the aforementioned medications after feeling “overwhelmed by the lawsuit and the media attention” surrounding her relationship with her on-again, off-again boyfriend Anwaun Cook, a married man. She has been linked to making a sex tape with Cook which has resulted in destroying his marriage. She has denied all reports.

Dickens released this statement: “Fantasia has always been an open book. Honesty, self-respect, and personal responsibility are values she wears proudly. Fantasia believed Mr. Cook when he told her he was not happy in his marriage and his heart was not in it. She believed him when he told her he and Mrs. Cook separated in the late summer of 2009. She believed Mr. Cook when he told her he lived elsewhere.”

Barrino, who also starred in the 2006 Lifetime movie Life is Not a Fairytale based on her own rags-to-riches novel, has been said to be having an affair with a married man earlier. Dickens also explains that Fantasia “believed” Antwaun Cook when he told her “he was not happy in his marriage [to Paula Cook] and his heart was not in it.”

In addition to winning Idol, and writing Life is Not a Fairytale, Barrino has appeared on Broadway, in films, and performed the country over since winning Idol.

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