Announcing Entertainer Extras Coupon Program

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Everyone wants to save — save time, save energy, save money. We may not be able to help you with the first two, but we can help you save money through our Entertainer Extras Program. We at the San Diego Entertainer Magazine understand today’s financial hardships. That is why we will be bringing you amazing discounts on great products and services throughout the city of San Diego.

Sign up for Entertainer Extras and receive FREE weekly coupons, offers and special deals from some of the best vendors in town; some at over 90% savings. Enjoy America’s Finest City, taking advantage of what the gorgeous city has to offer, while saving money in the process.

Why stay in when there’s an Entertainer Extra that makes it affordable to go out? Why pay more than you have to? Coupons provide locals with amazing deals and fantastic discounts on various services such as dining, fitness, health, and services that you use everyday.

The current economy has people more cautious than ever when it comes to spending: Entertainer Extras is the solution to this monetary dilemma. Even the most costly services are offered at almost unbelievable prices, some offers are as much as 90% off! The best part is that these discounts come directly to you, saving you the trouble of searching for coupons and discounts.

We call Entertainer Extras “America’s finest savings” for a reason. Not only does the program provide a system in which you can discover the best products and services San Diego has to offer, but it does so by saving you more than the typical 10-15% off that is offered by most coupons. Try savings that go up to 90%. Now THAT’S saving.

Save and indulge today by subscribing to our Entertainer Extras, and take advantage of what San Diego has to offer!

Check out our Products Page now and see what amazing deals we have for you today.

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