All About Apple’s Three New iPhones

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After much anticipation, Apple finally announced their latest lineup of iPhones at an event held at the Steve Jobs Theater at Apple Park in Cupertino. Steve Cook took the stage to announce Apple’s three newest devices: iPhone XR, iPhone XS, and iPhone XS Max. Let’s take a look at what these new iPhones bring to the table.

iPhone XR

Coming in as the budget model, the iPhone XR comes with a 6.1-inch edge-to-edge screen similar to last year’s iPhone X. The large screen comes with Apple’s new “Liquid Retina” display with an aluminum body and glass back. Surprisingly, the iPhone XR will be available in 5 new colors:red, yellow, white, coral, black, and blue. Say goodbye to the fingerprint scanner, as the XR will have Face ID only for biometric security. Other features to note include improved water resistance, 1.5-hour increase in overall battery life, and an improved camera. The XR will start at $749 for the 64gb model and will be available on October 26.

iPhone XS

The successor to last years iPhone X, the XS keeps the same edge-to-edge form factor and 5.8-inch screen but brings with it a slew of new internal upgrades. The screen has been upgraded to provide deeper range and overall improved pixel density. Thanks to the upgraded A12 Bionic chip, the XS is capable of taking better photos than ever before. The chip allows the device to utilize machine learning and artificial intelligence to automatically detect what you’re photographing and adjust the setting to the ideal range. It will also come in a 512gb version for those who like to keep tons of media on your phone. The XS starts at $999 for the 64gb model and will be available on September 21.

iPhone XS Max

Here’s comes the big screen. This massive iPhone packs a 6.5-inch display in a phone the size of the iPhone 8 Plus. The XS Max is essentially the same exact phone as the XS, save for the larger screen. Apple says the phone is meant to cater to those who enjoy mobile gaming, photo or video editing, or professionals who need more screen real estate for increased productivity. It is no doubt the biggest phone Apple has made to date, but when it comes to price, this is where things get crazy. The XS Max starts at an eye-watering $1099 for the 64gb version. The most expensive model? A jaw-dropping $1449 for the 512gb version. After taxes, that comes to out to over $1500 dollars for a smartphone, far exceeding the price of a MacBook Pro. The XS Max will be available on September 21 along with the XS.

These new iPhone models are certainly the most advanced phones Apple has brought to the market, but with the steadily increasing prices, consumers will have to decide if it’s really worth it to shell out more than a grand for a flagship model smartphone.

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