After loss to San Antonio, Park Park View Little League looking to defeat Georgia

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Park View celebrating their spot in World Series

Park View celebrating their spot in World Series

Chula Vista’s team, which was one of the top contenders in this year Little League World Series, was defeated earlier this week by San Antonio’s McAllister Park. As the top U.S. teams in the series many were wondering who would come out on top. Unfortunately for Chula Vista, it just wasn’t there day and they suffered their first loss in the series.

The Blue Bombers have nothing to be disappointed about. They played a stellar all season and already have a guaranteed berth in the semi-final round. Coming in 2-0 against San Antonio, The Blue Bombers scored a staggering 29 runs against their opponents. With San Antonio as their third game the Park View boys were looking to come out on top, but San Antonio came prepared as well.

The numbing effect the pitching had on Chula Vista was undeniable. The team that had once dominated in batting and scoring was now reduced to a slow crawl. San Antonio is now 3-0 with the win, and Chula Vista is 2-1 and looking to redeem the loss with a defeat against Georgia on Thursday.

The game against Georgia is a semi-final round, and is not going to be an easy one for Park View. The games from here on out in the series will be single elimination. Georgia is 3-0, and is also one of the top competitors in the World Series for the U.S. The game will be another test for the Chula Vista, but with the top pitchers on the team set to play on this game. Park View is looking to put on s pitching symphony which will hopefully lead to a win.

Even though they lost to San Antonio the loss could be a positive thing for the Park View team, a humbling moment for a once untouchable team. Like a phoenix they can rise from the ashes of defeat and play like their lives depended on it against Georgia. Let’s hope the boys from Chula Vista will show what they are made of this Thursday on ESPN.

San Diego cheers you on boys and we want you to win it all, show the World Series organization who we are and we mean business. Take Georgia down Blue Bombers the whole city has your back.

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