Conan Sword kept in Governators’s office

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Well San Diego, as if it wasn’t comical enough that our Governor can be attributed to so many classic lines as “I’ll be back”, and “rugger baby buggy bumpers”, another fact reared its head on Twitter this week.

The Governor was asked by a fan on Twitter if he still had the sword he used in Conan the Barbarian, and the response was classic. Not only did he still have it, but he keeps it inside his office with him as he delegates the important decisions that affect our great city and the state of California.

Tightly cushioned in a mantelpiece, Governor Schwarzenegger keeps his trusty sword polished and pristine. The sword gleams in the sunlight as he makes pivotal decisions which he hopes will reduce taxes, ease debt, and save us from the evil recession we face.

Yes San Diego, our Governor is Conan the Barbarian. Maybe he keeps it for nostalgic reasons, or to remind him of a way of life that will aide him to have greater integrity, and pride as the Governor. Whatever the reason maybe, the presence of that sword is nothing short of amazing.

Hopefully with the sword, Schwarzenegger can strike water in our drought stricken communities, and thwart off the debt that San Diegans and Californians are facing today. Or maybe just instill hope into the city and the people, by showing us he is working hard and doing what he can do.

Let’s hope the sword will help him in boosting the cities confidence, and making San Diego the great entertainment city that it is, and always will be.

Mr. Schwarzenegger do you remember the scene in Conan when you were asked what is the meaning of life? Here it is, and when you are vanquishing your enemies keep San Diego in mind.

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