Pitch Perfect 3: First Official Trailer

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Universal’s ‘Pitch Perfect 3’ is coming to theaters this coming Dec. 22, and the first official trailer is destined to make you excited. The film, directed by Trish Sie, will reunite Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson, Elizabeth Banks, Anna Camp, Brittany Snow, and Hailee Steinfeld for a “farewell tour” of the humorous trilogy.

As noted from the trailer below, the third film will start with the music group going their separate ways, whilst struggling with the start of their careers. After a reunion at a bar, the group decided that they should enter a USO competition in Europe because they missed singing with one another more than anything.

However, their opponents seemed to be more talented and experienced than the Barden Bellas, so they clearly needed to bring their A-game for the competition. In the trailer, they make it to the stage after jumping over many evident obstacles. We are excited to see if the Barden Bellas can come out on top, despite their lack of musical experience in comparison with their opponent’s use of instruments.

Furthermore, this particular installment of ‘Pitch Perfect’ seems much more action-packed than the previous two films. In the trailer, there were scenes of a lot of chaotic events, to include a house on fire and interesting special effects during the performances at the competition.

Some of the actors and actresses are new and unexpected, as well. For example, one of the opposing rock bands is led by Ruby Rose from ‘Orange is the New Black.’ Additionally, there are set to be appearances from John Lithgow, DJ Khaled and Trinidad James.

We are excited for the next installment of ‘Pitch Perfect’ coming out at the end of December, especially after watching the riveting trailer. Make sure to check out the trailer, and you’re bound to get just as excited as we are.

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