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The fifth installment of the thriller film series, Transformers, just came out on June 20, and was packed with action like the films prior. Transformers: The Last Knight contained the best special effects we’ve seen thus far from the film series and the plot had us at the edge of our seats for the entire movie.

Transformers: The Last Knight tells the history of how the transformers came to earth in a unique way, while also involving a romance that kept us thoroughly intrigued and appealed to a wider audience. Like the rest of the movies, cars transform into gigantic robots, but they are bigger and better before due to the special effects. Also, Cade Yaeger, played by Mark Wahlberg once again, is the only character who can connect with them, in a touching and authentic way. The romance involves the beloved yet failed inventor, Yaeger, and the intellectual scholar Vivian Wembley, played by Laura Haddock.

Other actors in the film include celebrities like Lennox, played by Josh Duhamel, the military man from the previous movies; Jimmy, played by Jerrod Carmichael, Cade’s jokey sidekick; and Izabella, played by Isabela Moner, the requisite adorable child. Also, Jim Carter does an excellent job as the voice of Cogman.

This film was definitely a step up from the excessively long previous installment of the Transformers series, titled Transformers: Age of Extinction. Unlike that movie, this film is 149 minutes (15 minutes shorter than the last film and 100 percent more tolerable) and is destined to keep you on your toes for the entirety of the film. We definitely recommend that you see the movie for yourself!

If you haven’t seen the trailer yet and want a preview before watching the whole movie in the theaters, check it out here:

Check out Fandango to see the possible film times and enjoy this action-packed, science fiction, and romantic film. We certainly enjoyed it over here at SD Entertainer and are confident you will too.

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