Your Wallet Will Thank You for These Free Adventures In San Diego

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Sometimes our summer adventures can take a thrashing to our wallets, but they don’t have to! There are plenty of free adventures that will keep your summer upbeat and fast paced. Hiking is a popular and free activity, but we’re taking it to the next level. We are filling your summer with beach parties, surf contests, and unique trails. Find new things to do in the city you love, and know that it won’t cost you a dime.

Mission Bay Park

The perfect place to have a summer picnic and the best place to camp in the warm sunshine. Embrace the salty sea breeze and go on hikes, surf, tan, or walk your furry, four-legged friend. Mission Bay is the largest aquatic park in the country, and it’s waiting to be explored by you! From swimming to wind surfing, there is something here for everyone.

Moonlight Beach

This beautiful beach is located in Encinitas, and is very popular with tourists. From surfing, to volleyball, to annual events, this beach is a must-see this summer.  An exciting event coming soon is called “Bro-Am”. It is a charity event that is sponsored by Hurly. This event is a surf competition and a massive beach party. This year the band, Switchfoot, will be providing musical entertainment. Join the party on June 24th, at 11am. Don’t miss out on this upbeat event and make a difference at this charity affair. Provide support while having the perfect day.

Old Town San Diego Historic Park

This state protected and historic park is located at 4002 Wallace St, San Diego. This state park consists of historical buildings from the 1800’s. There are museums located inside of this state park that are free of charge. Anyone can come and explore the museums, old school house, and enjoy the restaurants as well.

Balboa Park

This 1,200 acre park has open areas, grassy fields, gardens, and the San Diego Zoo. Named after a Spanish explorer, this park is guaranteed to bring adventure to your Summer. Being one of the oldest state parks in the country, it is fully dedicated to the city for recreational use. Sit back, relax, and enjoy a day in the gardens or grassy areas for a picnic!

Mt Laguna

This small location in San Diego is located 6,000 ft. above sea level. Mt Laguna has a small general store, cabins, and the perfect hiking trails. Located near the Pacific Crest Trail, there is always an adventure to be experienced here. In the winter, sledding and winter sports can be provided; but with the weather heating up, it’s time for hiking and sightseeing!

Make this summer a scenic one, and adventure in the place you love with the people you love. Go on a relaxing hike or go to the beach party of the year. Bring your dog on a charming hike or enjoy your alone time with nature. Make the most of these eventful months and don’t let any opportunities slip by. Be adventurous and step outside your comfort zone.

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