Put Yourself First – Top Self Care Tips

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It’s time to start taking care of yourself. Remember that you and your health come first, so start enjoying your life! Find out what you are passionate about and what relaxes you. We’ve listed some of the best ways to enjoy your long days and how to make the most of them.

Drink 64 ounces of Water a Day

Being dedicated to drinking 64 ounces of water can be hard, especially when you want to reach for that big glass of wine after a hard day at work. Drinking this much water will actually boost your metabolism and give you more energy. Consuming more water will cleanse you body and put you on a healthy lifestyle track. Purchase a stainless steel water bottle in your favorite color and you’ll never forget to drink your daily dose of 64 ounces again.

Plan Fun Activities

Whether you go on a hike or a trip for the whole weekend, taking care of your mind is just as important as taking care of your physical health. Plan a fun day trip to the beach or your favorite winery. Enjoy a day dedicated to relaxing with the people you love, and you’ll feel less stressed. Or, plan a weekend getaway to somewhere you’ve been excited about and turn it into a road trip. Taking care of yourself means having fun and doing it with the people you love.

Meal Preparation

Start eating clean and planning out your meals. Purchase plastic Tupperware so you can cook on Sundays, and eat the rest of the week with no meal preparation other than maybe a microwave. Bring your own lunch to work and you will start to feel healthier and stronger by eating cleaner. Meal preparation causes you to plan out your meals for the week, and already having the food cooked, means sticking with your diet plan. This is the perfect way to keep yourself on a healthy track.

Bath with Candles

After a long day in the office, you need to relax your mind and your muscles. A hot bath with scented lavender candles, along with your favorite book or magazine is the perfect way to relax. Buy your favorite bath soaps and bath bombs to enjoy your “you time” even more.

Be Selfish

Remember sometimes, its okay to put yourself first. You don’t always have to say yes to that extra workout or extra happy hour with the girls. Sometimes, its nice to go home and relax with the TV remote. Or maybe your form of relaxation does involve those early morning workouts or happy hours with your friends. That’s why they call it “you” time.

Good Thought Sticky Notes

Every morning write yourself a good thought or a goal you want to accomplish that day. Put it on your bathroom mirror, so you when you get home from work you see the words you wrote in the morning. You will remind yourself to always be positive, even if you have a bad day. This will keep you motivated and upbeat no matter what. Inspire yourself!


Sleeping a full 8 hours will make you ready to take on the early mornings and last until the late night. Make sure you are getting enough sleep, and are resting your body. If you are having trouble sleeping, try buying something cozy to sleep in. Or, buy new candles for your room so your place’s scent will relax you. Find what will relax your body and you will have better sleep all night long.

Take care of yourself and remember it’s okay to be selfish!

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