Top 10 Amazon Must-Haves

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Amazon is a place where you can find anything that you can think of, and all at decent prices. Are you looking for new things to purchase, or new things to explore on Amazon? Here are the top 10 must-haves for any new or current users.

1.Teakwood Water Bottle

This water bottle has the wood stain look and a trendy vibe. While keeping your water extra cold, this 17oz water bottle will keep you hydrated all day long. This makes a super cute gift as well! There are many other different designs from this Swell brand. There is something for everyone with these one of a kind water bottles.

2.Adult Card Games

Party games for adults can always keep your friends entertained! The new card game called “Drunk Stoned or Stupid” is a card game made specifically for get together that involve fun company. There are numerous other card games that will bring fun laughs and big smiles to any Saturday night.

3.Digital Instant Print & Share Camera

This fun little camera prints your pictures, right after you take them. Similar to a polaroid, this camera can travel anywhere with you considering its small frame. You can also upload pictures and print them from the is instant camera! Perfect for anyone who loves pictures and sharing memories.

4.Ray Bans

Amazon has numerous amounts of Ray Bans lenses available. This is a great way to find discounted prices on your dream pair of sunglasses. Protect your eyes while setting trends. Take your pick and look styling all summer long.

5. Grumpy Cat Superhero Stuffed Animal

This meme has gone viral, and now the grumpy cat face is officially famous. Numerous amazon products are being sold that resemble this “grumpy cat” frown. The perfect way to share a laugh with your friends and to cuddle up with something that is extremely hilarious, yet cute.

6. Fred Bear Hands Oven Mitts

These cute claws are perfect for any summer cookout. Perfect for anyone that loves being in the kitchen, and has a corky sense of humor! These oven mitts are one of a kind and will have everyone falling in love with them.

7.Geometric Pyramid Lasercut Wood Journal

These cute journals have all sorts for shapes that include: hearts, sea shells, ad cats. They are drawn in a unique and geometric way that create a trendy vibe. Journaling can help relieve stress and is overall good for the soul.

8.Food Pool Toys

Food pool toys are trending and it’s safe to say they’re never going out of style! Purchase a blow up watermelon and pineapple for s fruit filled summer. Other styles include popsicles, swans, and a gumball machine. These toys will make pool time, a yummy time!

9. Elephant Watering Can

This cute gardening tool will make watering plants adorable and manageable. The long trunk acts at the canal, and it’s only $5! This little guy will help keep your plants hydrated, and your smile big.

10.  Dorm Checklist

For those going off to college, creating a comfortable space can be hard. Amazon has a dorm checklist with all the necessities. From drawers to bed side tables, you’ll be rolling into college with some serious style.

Amazon is the perfect place to find anything from little knick-knacks, to affordable sunglasses. Most items are inexpensive and extremely unique! Start the summer right and let amazon prepare you for the warm months ahead.

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