Your Guide to Spring Cleaning

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Along with the weather getting warmer and flowers blooming, spring also brings with it the season of cleaning. Time to face that project you’ve been avoiding this year and get it done–whether it be finally cleaning out your fridge or going through your closet. We’ve got a little history of the tradition, as well as some tips for you to take advantage of as you go through your home from top to bottom.


The origin of spring cleaning isn’t completely clear, but there are some things in history that nod toward its creation. Some researchers trace it back to the Iranian Norouz or Persian new year, which falls on the first day of spring each year. Iranians practice “khooneh tekouni” which literally means “shaking the house.” They clean everything in the house, from drapes to furniture in preparation for the new season.

Jewish traditions also practice similar cleaning times at the time of Passover. To remember the Israelites leaving Egypt after being held captive, Jews cannot eat or drink anything that may have been leavened or fermented with yeast, also known as chametz. Not only are they not allowed to eat these things, they also must rid their homes of any chametz that can be found during the length of the holiday–a spring cleaning.

In Orthodox nations, it’s custom to clean the house thoroughly during the first week of Great Lent, also known as Clean Week.

A little closer to home in North America, springtime was the best time to clean a few hundred years ago because of the warmer climate. Windows could be opened which made it easier to dust, and high winds could also carry dust out of the house. Since there were no vacuum cleaners back then, springtime was essential for a good deep clean.

Some Spring Cleaning Tips & Tricks

Though spring cleaning itself suggests that you just need to clean, organizing is just as important to a fresh start. So, while you’re cleaning, look out for things you no longer need or things that can be put away. Here are a few tips to make your cleaning and organizing go by quickly and efficiently.

  1. Not everything needs a complete deep clean. Target specific areas, like where people usually eat in your home, or near entrances. Spend the most times at these spots, and give the rest of the area a quick clean.
  2. When it comes to windows, you want to spend the most time outdoors. This is where most of the dirt builds up. Since it’s best to clean windows on overcast days and we don’t have too many cloudy days in the forecast, try and get outside to clean the windows earlier in the day or when the sun has started to set. This way streaks won’t be left on the glass.
  3. In the bedroom, throw your sheets and mattress cover in the washer while you clean the mattress itself. Dust your mattress evenly with baking soda, which will draw dirt and moisture out of it to eliminate odors. The light dust that is left when you’re done will stay there when you put your clean sheets back on.

Good luck with this year’s cleaning–if you ever feel discouraged, just remember how refreshed your home will feel once you are done!

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