Where oh where … can that older man be?

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entSo last weekend I was in Los Angeles for an X Games after party thrown by a hip magazine. The party ended early so I met up with some of my friends at one of those overcrowded bars with a tiny dance floor and no air conditioning. My girlfriend and I decided to grab a drink. As I ordered my Red Bull and Vodka, I noticed the man beside me sitting on the bar stool. He was a dapper gentleman and seemed to be by himself.

I secretly checked him out, acting like I cared who was coming through the entrance, when I was really finding out if he had any tattoos and how stylish he was. There are pros and cons of hitting on a man, so I decided to stand by the bar for an extra three minutes to see if he’d get the courage to approach me … and he did. My girlfriend got the hint that I wasn’t leaving the bar anytime soon when I took the seat next to him.

Like most guys (not all) that approach you in bars, he started small talk and I became interested. Partying in San Diego, I’ve noticed that I have this annoying problem of always being older than the guy that hits on me; maybe it’s because 30 somethings don’t hang at places like PB Bar and Grill or On Broadway.

As we continued getting to know each other the coolest thing happened! For the first time in a long time, he, the man, made an awkward joke about how he’s probably older than I was. I was so used to calling myself an old lady and sometimes feeling out of placed that I actually enjoyed the guy doing so this time. It turns out that me being 26 had nothing on him being 34 years old. I suddenly became intrigued and felt as if I had this power or advantage because I was younger.

We spent the next hour talking; sadly I had to leave to San Diego the next morning. Meeting this guy made me realize that I’m not always the oldest one in the club or at the bar … maybe just in PB. So where do 30 somethings go to meet the opposite sex?

Why don’t YOU give me advice on where the older, single men are.

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