What’s the Deal with MCT Oil?

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What’s perhaps one of the relatively newer health trends, MCT oil has made waves as being a supplement added to the likes of smoothies, salad dressings, and bulletproof coffee. Short for medium-chain triglyceride, these fats contained within MCT oil are easily digested and provide a range of health benefits. Here are some evidence-backed benefits you can get from adding MCT oil to your daily diet.

Source of fuel for your brain

MCT oil is perhaps best known for its brain fuel properties, as it is easily absorbed and transported throughout the body. Due to the quick absorption rate, MCT oil can quickly be utilized as a powerful source of energy for the brain, as it can pass through your blood-brain barrier relatively easily.

Fights off bacterial growth

MCT’s have been shown to have both antifungal and antimicrobial effects. MCT oil is usually derived from coconut oil, which is rich in MCT’s. When derived from a coconut source, it brings with powerful antioxidants that have been shown to fight various skin infections. These antioxidants include capriv, lauric, and caprylic acid, all of which contribute towards MCT being used as a powerful immune support supplement.

Promotes weight loss

MCT oil has been shown to promote the feeling of fullness thanks to its ability to make your body release several hormones that regulate appetite. Studies have shown that taking two tablespoons of MCT as part of a breakfast or early lunch reduced overall appetite, leading to less food being desired during a meal. In addition, your body processed MCT’s in a unique what that allows it to burn more calories.

Reduces risk of heart disease and cholesterol

Due to its calorie-burning properties, MCT oil can help reduce the risk of heart disease and high cholesterol by promoting weight loss. Studies have also shown that MCT oil can reduce levels of LDL, or bad, cholesterol, making it a powerful heart-protective supplement.

Lowered blood sugar and greater diabetes management

MCT oil has been shown to help people better regulate their blood sugar levels, and in turn, making it an effective supplement to help manage diabetes. MCT’s reduce the body’s overall fat storage, and coupled with greater fat burning capability, it can help people improve diabetes risk factors, including insulin resistance.

MCT’s Sources

MCT’s can be found naturally in coconut oil, palm kernel oil, milk, and butter, but MCT oil supplements are available online and in many health food stores. Direct MCT oil is your best bet in getting the many benefits of MCT’s, and it can be consumed in a variety of ways. It can be easily added to a cup of coffee, smoothie, or any drink. It can be consumed directly without mixing. It is, however, not suitable for cooking, as it has a low smoke point.

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