Unique, fun and sexy Valentine’s Day gift ideas

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Photo from 'jonathanb1989' via Flickr

Photo from 'jonathanb1989' via Flickr

It’s the time of the year to let that special someone know just how much you care.

The right gift will send the right message. Get it wrong, and you will be doomed to walk the planet alone.

Don’t worry–that’s not true at all, but a thoughtful gift will be a sliver of the cherishing moments that express your love for your significant other.

Although what really matters is how you treat your loved one all year long—the other 364 days of the year—we really do put a lot of weight on Valentines Day, whether it be for the sake of materialism or our obligation to adhere to socially constructed holiday norms, or maybe you actually enjoy shopping for your boo. Regardless of our eagerness or our defiance, this gift will be of crucial importance come February 14th—which is why we are happy to help you explore the infinite realm of affordable Valentine’s Day gift ideas.

Photo from 'jurvetson' via Flickr

Photo from 'jurvetson' via Flickr

Back in the day it was all about being traditional—flowers, chocolates, a cute, cuddly bear (the bigger the better), and a $4.00 Hallmark card. Well, times have changed. If you give your girlfriend flowers and a box of chocolates she’ll be disappointed with the lack of thought you put into the gift. She might pout on the inside and say thank you while kissing you on the cheek, but come on guys, you want more than that on the big night, right? Valentine’s Day gifts now are all about being untraditional—the more creative, unique and personalized, the better.

There are several routes you can take, depending on where you’re at in your relationship and whether your guy or girl is a romantic, a jokester, or any combination of the two…

  • Something fun—USB mix tape. I remember back in the day when I’d make a mixed tape or CD for someone I really cared about. I put together all the songs that reminded me of him on a tape to show my feelings and affection. Now that it’s 2010, however, CDs and tapes (what are tapes?!) are obsolete. Luckily, the USB mix tape is bringing it back—built for 2010! It looks and feels like a retro tape, but it’s not! You can personalize it and include a heartfelt love letter or spice it up any way you like. This is a fun gift for both new lovers and ones that have been longstanding.
  • Something practical—When you’re totally lost about what to get your significant other, think about what they like to do. For example, if your girlfriend or wife loves to cook (or maybe she simply loves eggs), get her the heart shaped egg molder. It’s something she’ll use, and it’s something that’s truly heartfelt. For more fun, serve it to her for breakfast in bed!
  • Something funny—A stuffed animal…of yourself! You send in a photo and IAASA (I Am A Stuffed Animal) turns it into a smaller, plush version of you. Depending on where you’re at with your significant other, they’ll either absolutely love it or think you’re plain creepy, so only opt for this silly gift if you’re at a far along, committed stage in the relationship. One thing is certain though, the receiver of this gift will definitely laugh! Ladies, if you haven’t gotten to that intimate level with your man yet and you want to send the message that you’re ready to be ravished, try this hilarious gift that guys will love—a candom! Maybe it’s not the best gift to set the mood, but it will definitely make him laugh and think of you each time he drinks a beer!
  • Something sexy—Ladies, want to show him your sexy side? Men, want to show her just how sensual a lover you can be? Then opt for the gift that’s so bad, it’s so good. Ladies, you can’t go wrong with a sexy negligee or a daring piece of lingerie. Light some candles, bring out the massage oil and surprise him when he comes home, you’re a sexy thang! Fellas, you can get your lady lingerie, but if you’re not exactly sure of the size or what she likes, then stick to novelty items. Games like Dirty Darts and the Personalized Lovopoly Game will surely lead to a sexy night to remember. And if you reach a new record, you can log it in the Couple’s Record Book—a fun scrapbook that celebrates the best memories, “whether rated G or Triple X.”

Whether you go for the funny or the sexy route, just remember that with a little thought and personality—and a lot of heart—you truly can think of a gift that your significant other will fall in love with!

Good luck, San Diego, and Happy Valentine’s Day from everyone here at the Entertainer.


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