Sports for Adults in San Diego

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For the person who was heavily involved in sports throughout their lives, it can be hard to transition into adulthood and not have a solid outlet to display your appreciation for athletics. Throughout school, it is easy to become affiliated with sports and join a team. For those that want to continue playing the game they love, adult recreation leagues are perfect. Joining a local recreation league is an amazing opportunity to not only have fun playing your desired sport, it is also a fantastic way to become more involved in your community and meet those that share the same love you have for sports. There are numerous recreational leagues that you can choose from in San Diego, but here are some of the best this county has to offer.

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San Diego Social Leagues is a popular recreational sports league that offers a multitude of sports, including basketball, baseball, volleyball, flag football, and even kickball! Signing up simply includes creating a profile with your physical information, a small paragraph about yourself, and a profile picture. Once registered, you gain access to countless leagues that are operating all around San Diego County. If you have a team already organized, you can register it in your desired sport, and be matched with other teams playing in that league. In addition to social sports leagues, you can also create corporate teams with fellow co-workers, and compete against other local businesses. For those that want that extra edge in their athletic performance, San Diego Social Leagues offers a boot camp that specializes in athletic and strength training, and is offered in personal or group sessions.

Vavi is another recreational sports league that offers an even wider range of sports for those looking to compete. In addition to the normal basketball, soccer, baseball, volleyball, and flag football, Vavi also offers dodgeball, bowling, tennis, and golf leagues. Signing up is as simple as can be, only requiring you to specify which sport you are interested in, and the skill level you think you’ll be competing at. The Vavi team will automatically pair you with a league, depending on if you sign up as an individual, small group, or team. Everyone that has played sports before knows that after the game, it’s tradition to go out and grab a drink or a bite to eat with your fellow teammates. With Vavi, not only do you get the chance to compete with others, you also get to enjoy numerous discounts at San Diego restaurants and bars. Registration fees depend on the league you are joining, but always includes team shirts which can be customized to your liking.

Nic Pollino, a member on a local San Diego Softball team said, “Playing adult league Rec sports makes you feel like a kid again. Once a week you can get out there and forget about the work week and just have some fun with your buds. You can’t really teach it to be honest”. This was after him and his team celebrated winning their league championship. His team picture shows them all grinning ear to ear holding their trophy. Being an adult shouldn’t stop you from continuing to pursue your passion of sports. There are plenty of opportunities to get connected with your community and continue to compete. All you have to do is show up and give it your all, the rest takes care of itself.

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