Simple Changes You Can Make that Will Help Create a Sustainable Future

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In order for us to live in a more sustainable future, we are faced with the task of making the necessary changes so generations after us can live in such a world. Through the power of small lifestyle changes, we can make major steps toward creating a sustainable future for all. Here are some easy sustainable changes you can implement in your daily lives.

Food and water 

Plastic water bottles and straws make up for a significant amount of waste every year that continues to pile up. Making the transition to using a reusable water bottle will make a huge impact on the amount of plastic waste you contribute to the environment, not to mention it will also save you money on having to continually buy water bottles. Packing your lunch in reusable containers is another simple way to cut back on unnecessary plastic use. 

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Go paperless 

Junk mail can quickly overwhelm your mailbox until the point where you feel like you’re drowning in unnecessary piles of paper that is heading straight to the trash. To alleviate this issue, go paperless wherever possible. Change your monthly bills to a paperless method so that it is all sent via email. This way, you never lose track of an important bill, and the mountain of paper you have will finally be reduced. It’s also a good idea to unsubscribe from advertisements and mailing lists you no longer want to receive. 

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Sustainable practices can go a long way if they’re implemented with the way you use electricity. This can be as simple as turning off lights and air conditioning when you leave a room. You can take it a step further by installing dimmer switches and automatic power strips that will shut off the flow of electricity for non-essential appliances when they’re not being used. 

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Our vehicles are some of the biggest carbon-emitters out there, but they are still important for the majority of people to get around during the day. If you have the option, try opting for public transportation, carpooling, or even walking or biking if possible. Just one vehicle off the road removes a considerable amount of pollutants from ever entering the atmosphere. 

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Grocery shopping 

If you have a farmers market nearby, try using that for your weekly groceries rather than a supermarket. Farmer’s markets offer farm-fresh produce with organic and non-GMO options, often with far less plastic packaging than what you’d find at the grocery store. Another change you can make is switching over to using reusable bags when you shop. While plastic bags are no longer free in California, paying a measly .10 cents when you’re in a pinch with no bags can be an afterthought, and those plastic bags are eventually going to pile up somewhere. 

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