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Born and raised in our own backyard, Carlsbad-based protein company, Designer Protein, has been a leader in health and fitness nutrition for 25 years. Designer Protein is known for its iconic brand, Designer Whey, the first commercially available whey protein powder that started the booming whey protein supplements market in the U.S. in 1993. Continuing to push boundaries by expanding its product lines to meet the needs of different lifestyles and diets, Designer Protein now offers a broad range of products including: 100 percent whey, 100 percent plant-based proteins/superfoods and blends of dairy and plant-based proteins. Each naturally nutritious formula is designed to support the fitness, weight management, performance and overall wellness goals of active women and men.

Designer protein has been at the forefront of important changes that have shaped the protein supplement market. The company was one of the first to create products designed for the female body, one of the first to remove artificial ingredients, one of the first to offer gluten-free and kosher options, and one of the first to expand distribution to grocery, mass, and drug stores to provide greater access to protein products, especially among women.

Designer Protein’s seven product lines span the spectrum of protein needs for overall wellness, with different uses and benefits of each category:

  • Found in dairy, whey is naturally complete with all the essential amino acids and is one of the best sources of branched chain amino acids including Leucine, which is important for protein synthesis. It is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream and utilized for muscle recovery, strength improvement and lean body composition. (Designer Whey®)
  • Blends (dairy and plant) combine the quick absorption of a whey protein with the sustained benefits of other dairy and plant-based proteins. They often contain proteins with specific benefits such as casein for muscle retention and appetite control, in addition to essential amino acids. (Sustained Energy™, Aria® Protein, Lite Protein™)
  • While typically lower in protein potency and often not as complete with amino acids as a dairy-based protein, plant-based proteins contain all essential amino acids, are beneficial for those with dietary or lifestyle needs (lactose intolerant, vegan, vegetarian), are relatively easily digested and environmentally sustainable. (Essential 10®, Organic Pro 30™, Sunshine Protein™)

Increasing your protein intake has many benefits including:

  • An Increased Metabolism – Protein fuels fat burning by boosting your metabolism and increasing the amount of calories you burn throughout the day.
  • A Reduced Appetite – Protein lowers your levels of hunger hormones and reduced blood sugar spikes, leading to less consumption and overall weight loss.
  • More Energy – Providing your body with a steady stream of amino acids, protein helps reduce fatigue and increases endurance.

The Designer Protein team fully embraces the active, health-conscious San Diego lifestyle, from yoga mats to surfboards and gyms to open trails, striving to empower and educate consumers on the benefits of protein consumption in maintaining wellness and living a holistic lifestyle.

“Living a healthy lifestyle begins with education and empowerment, two things we as a company really care about and demonstrate by launching new products as new ingredients and research become available,” said Jan Hall, CEO of Designer Protein.  “We believe in the health benefits of protein and we’re passionate about providing high quality, nutritious protein products that can help make a positive difference in peoples’ lives.”

Designer Protein’s products are available nationwide across a broad range of retailers including Trader Joe’s, Kroger, Target, Safeway, Whole Foods, Rite Aid, The Vitamin Shoppe, Amazon, other online retailers as well as

For more information on Designer Protein’s products and community of inspirational brand ambassadors, visit Follow on Facebook @DesignerProtein or on Instagram @DesignerProtein.

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