Black Friday Tricks to Make Your Shopping Day a Success

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black friday Black Friday is a great opportunity to get ahead on your holiday shopping or snag some amazing deals you won’t be able to find any other time of the year. While being known for a prime day of shopping, it has grown to become highly competitive for a chance to purchase high-ticket items. Use these tips to prepare yourself to make the most out of Black Friday.

Tip #1: Stay Focused

If you want to have a successful Black Friday haul, you’re going to want to have a focus on what you’re looking to buy. To do this, make your shopping list before going out. The paper ads you receive in the mail are a great reference for getting an idea of what deals are on the market. You can also do research online to make sure you’re prepared. Then, once you get to the store, you’ll have to stay focused, too. Deals are usually in short supply, so don’t waste time browsing. Get in. Get out. That’s your goal.

Tip #2: Bring a Buddy

shoppingAfter making your list, you’ll want to choose a shopping buddy. In addition to being a fun bonding opportunity, it will also allow you to cover more ground as a team, and find the items you’re looking for without having to walk all around the store. You will most likely be getting up very early (or maybe not even sleeping), and having that shopping partner will help ease the weariness in the morning. If the checkout lines are long, you can have one of you getting any last-minute items, while the other waits in line. If you’re sticking to a budget, your partner can make sure you don’t spend on anything unnecessary.

Tip #3: Know the Return Policy

After shopping, be prepared for any potential returns. Know the return policies of each store you shop at, and keep your gift receipts handy in case you need to return an item. Be careful, because most stores will have a more restricted return policy for items purchased on Black Friday, so make sure to stay aware of any restraints or restocking fees you might encounter.

Now that we’ve gone over a few tips to help you survive your Black Friday shopping, let’s look at some phenomenal deals you’ll want to check out:

Best Buy is a popular stop for Black Friday shoppers, and this year they have some exceptional deals on tech items. They’re selling the Apple iPad Mini 128gb for $274.99, having a discount of $125. If you’re looking for a TV, they’re offering a Sharp 50-inch Ultra HD television for $179.99

Walmart is offering the new Google Home Mini speaker for a discounted price of $29.99, down from the usual $49. Select DVD movies will be availed for a low price of $5 each. The Apple iPhone SE, a great smartphone for all users, will be available for $99 with a discount of $30.

Toys-R-Us is offering 40% selected Lego sets, with different models to choose from. All Fisher-Price Infant toys will be 33% off. A wide selection of board games will retail for $5 each, including Disney branded Monopoly and Operation.

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