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reddit If you have never used Reddit before, you are missing out on one of the best ways to have real and informative conversations on the internet. The website is a community driven discussion on practically any topic you can think of. Once you sign up with a username of your choosing, members can submit content that can include links, text posts, images, videos, and a variety of other things. Members have the option of voting up or down on the posts, with the higher voted on posts making their way to the front page. All of the posts on Reddit are organized into user-created boards called “subreddits”, and they cover a wide variety of topics. While there are thousands of different subreddits out there, here are the ones you need to follow.


Short for “I am a..” this subreddit serves to be a place for an impromptu community-driven question-and-answer interviews. Users are able to ask any question to the person starting the AMA, and gives normal people the chance to take part in asking questions to someone they might not ever get the chance to. Some of the top r/IAmA posts include ones by Barack Obama, Bill Gates, and Gordon Ramsay. With thousands of comments for each, users were able to have their questions answered by these people, and it serves as a unique glimpse into others lives.

r/Listen To This

As you can probably guess from the title, this subreddit is dedicated to sharing music you enjoy and want others to enjoy as well. Users will submit links to YouTube videos or performances of their favorite artists, and others can comment whether they like it or not. This is a great tool for finding new music that you may have never heard or would have never discovered yourself. Posts promoting yourself are not allowed, so the subreddit isn’t bogged down with posts about aspiring artists trying to elevate their own careers. This is a great place for music lovers to come together and share the music they love with others.

r/Personal Finance

If you’ve ever had a nagging question having to do with finances, then this is the place where you’ll want to ask it. Dedicated to helping people solve their financial issues, this subreddit is full of informative information regarding personal finance. The active number of users on it number in the millions, so it’s a great way to reach a large amount of well informed people with your questions. Users ask a wide range of questions, from asking for help on a tax issue, or the best steps you need to take when you’re looking to put your house on the market. This community is extremely helpful in getting people in their best financial state, with many success stories being posted by its members.


For all you documentary lovers, this subreddit is a literal goldmine when it comes to them. With over 10 million users, members on this subreddit are posting links to free-to-watch documentaries every day. You’re bound to find something you find interesting just by scrolling through the first page. Posts here can include full-length documentaries, or short ones found on YouTube. Either way, the documentaries posted here are diverse in nature, and can appeal to all sorts of interests.

These are just 4 of thousands of subreddits that you can check out. If you want a more in-depth list of subreddits, you can visit this site. Happy Redditing!

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