Mind Blowing Facts According to Reddit

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The Ask Reddit page is always filled with tons of fascinating content for curious-minded individuals, but every now and then, a thread pops up asking people to share their favorite mind-blowing facts. From crazy to funny, here are the best facts I’ve seen from the good people of Reddit. 

  • Newsflash: a billion dollars is a lot of money
  • Say thank you to your doctor next time you see them
  • Redheads are practically superheroes, confirmed
  • This is a pretty rad fact, so let’s keep it as one! #savethetrees
  • Insects are totally going to take over the world someday
  • So this means that Presidents Washington wasn’t riding a T-rex into battle during the Revolutionary War? lame.
  • Poor pluto always getting dumped on
  • Sheer cuteness overload is standard upon stepping onto the island
  • If you’ve ever messed up at work before, just remember this poor guy that accidentally did this
  • This is why we have a Shark Week and not a Tree Week
  • A little three-piece to end the show

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