Parking fee instituted at Tamarack Surf Beach

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photo from "Michelle's House of Disco" via Flickr

photo from "Michelle's House of Disco" via Flickr

The City of Carlsbad, the California Coastal Commission, and California State parks have reached a settlement agreement regarding paid parking at Tamarack Surf Beach.

This popular surf spot will begin charging hourly parking with a two hour minimum, and a maximum daily charge of $10.  The rate for an hourly fee has not yet been set, but will be no more than $2 an hour.

This decision comes after an almost two-year-long negotiation between the three organizations.  California State Parks proposed the parking fee as a way to help cover some of the maintenance costs for the Carlsbad State Beach, including lifeguard services, restrooms, picnic areas, and showers.

State Parks originally planned to charge a flat $10 day-use fee, but added the hourly fee so as not to deter area locals, who often only visit the beach for short periods at a time.  According to an official press release by the City of Carlsbad, “This compromise allows Carlsbad residents and visitors to continue to enjoy the beach, whether just for a short walk or for the entire day, while providing the state the income it needs to keep the beaches open”.

For more information, and answers to frequently asked questions, check out the City of Carlsbad’s official statement here.

Paid parking will begin as soon as California State Parks can install automatic kiosks at the lot, so hurry over to Tamarack and take advantage of the last few days of free beach parking.

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