Legal Advisory from Mike Walters: Taking Care of Your Pets

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Do you have a pet that has become like family member to you? Have you ever wondered what will happen to your beloved animal after you are gone? San Diego Entertainer’s own legal advisor, Michael Walters, provides a solution in protecting your pets no matter the circumstances.

After you die, your possessions including your pet, are distributed by the government in whatever manner and to whomever they deem best. The California government automatically seizes everything that belonged to you after you die. This means that they can give your pet, the very same one you raised and loved, to animal shelters. Your beloved pet obviously has no say in the matter and neither does any of your family members…unless you have a will and trust in place. You can prevent the government from obtaining any of your belongings or pets simply by having a legal document signed by you while you are living. You need to think about estate planning in order to protect your valuable items after you die.

Attorney Michael Walters can help you draft a will and trust to avoid probate. He can help explain what you need to do and what documents and plans you need to have in place to protect your pets and items of value. You can assign a caretaker by outlining a provision in your will and trust which would provide the care your pet needs as well as the same love that you are giving him/her right now.

You can learn more now by visiting or you can call 1-877-779-9729 today to schedule a consultation or to make a reservation for a free workshop. With 20 convenient offices located in Southern California as well as over 30 years of experience, Walters & Ward can cater to your needs and answer any questions you may have about estate planning, wills and trusts. Contact Walters & Ward today and learn how to protect your pets while providing the care they need after you are gone.

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