How to Create a Blog: Nicolette Affre as The Blonde Foxx

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Photo Courtesy of Nicolette Affre

If you are constantly looking for new ways to show people your passions and interests, starting a blog or website may be the perfect way for you to create unique content. When creating a blog there are many things that go into it, especially if you want to stand out since the majority of millennials have created websites. Your blog or website should have a specific platform such as food reviews, fashion, or a lifestyle blog.

Nicolette Affre is a current student as CSUSM and has recently created a website and blog dedicated to incredibly unique fashion sense. Her blog and website is titled The Blonde Foxx and she is currently a stylist at Free People. Nicolette says, “I’ve worked in fashion retail for a long time and I have always wanted to do something more with fashion, styling and digital merchandising. After taking an internship to further pursue fashion, I decided to create my blog as an outlet to share the content I was creating.”

After taking this step and finally starting her website, Nicolette is now constantly trying to find new ways on how to market herself to the public. Nicolette explains, “Currently I am marketing myself on social media through Facebook and Instagram and online via my Blog. Right now I am trying to publish daily content on my Facebook and Instagram focusing on growing an organic following, in hopes to send traffic to my blog. I am also posting on my blog around once a week right now. I am working on collaborating with other influencers. Currently I work with my really good friend, Jack Antal– he is the best photographer — and we work together quite often to create a lot of the content I push out.”

Photo Courtesy of Nicolette Affre

While creating a blog or website it is important to have it be a team effort, whether you have a partner or ask your friends for their opinions. As a blogger you will need to know what will appeal to your audience. You also need to know who your audience is going to be so that you can gear your posts into a certain direction. In order to create the high quality content, you must always be aware for new inspiration.

Nicolette says, “When Instagram came out it created much more brand awareness for smaller, boutique designers and that is how I fell in love with my favorite designers. Watching other boutiques grow a social following, built around styles I loved, really pushed me to start creating content of my own. Working in fashion really gave me a lot of great opportunities to create some amazing content and establish connections with great people in the industry that I can collaborate with. It was more than a few moving parts that really pushed me to get started with my blog, but I am glad I finally am pushing out my own content!”

Photo Courtesy of Nicolette Affre

Nicolette had to overcome the lesson of learning that people are always going to have something negative to say about your passions, and it’s important to have confidence in your dreams and to move forward with your passions. She followed her passion and created a website and blog that are truly unique, and she started creating her own content. It is important to be relatable to your audience as Nicolette has. Find ways to create connections with different people and make sure that your blog and website stand for your passions and what you believe in.

"When asked, 'How do you write?' I invariably answer, 'one word at a time.'"-Stephen King

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