Why is Perez Hilton famous America?

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This column in no way reflects the views of the Entertainer, and is solely the feelings of the writer.

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As a journalist I must always look at things objectively. The need to look at both sides of the coin is a staple in the industry of professional Journalism. However, the benefits of writing for a medium is that it allows one to present a column that provides insight, and can throw objectivity out the window. The first installment of a column I am deeming “Why America” is here and the first topic of conversation is Perez Hilton.

Throughout my life I have been inundated with pessimistic thoughts that fill my mind. Thoughts that have me question every single motive and action behind the human mask. Like, why we love Hollywood so much? Why we would rather read books like Twilight, and Harry Potter, than ones written on philosophy, ideas, science, and the further understanding of life? Maybe it’s just me, but I can’t be the only person, let alone, the only 25 year old to see the trivial lean our society is going taking.  We focus more on the most asinine, idiotic parts of our society and live happily in our ignorance. How much longer can this go on, and why America, is someone like Perez Hilton getting notoriety for it?

Perez Hilton, for those who don’t know, is a blogger who has leeched off of America’s need for gossip in Hollywood. Since 2004 he has been filling everyone around the world with the juiciest of Hollywood’s stories. His sight has become one of the most visited amongst the many tabloids in our nation, but why?

Let’s dissect what Perez does in order to further understand his frivolous existence.

First off, what skills does it really require to do what he does on his website? He posts pictures of famous people, and then puts funny little quips that have been photoshopped into the picture. For example, he’ll have a picture of Madonna, and she may have some wrinkles on her face, which Perez will undoubtedly circle in bright white and say “Uh…maybe it’s time for some Botox M girl!” Really America, thousands, upon thousands of us are flocking to his website to see this jester make a fool out of the Hollywood community, and leech off of their success.

Have our lives been so minimalized and boring, that we can’t even avoid mind numbing nonsense that is being pushed out by Perez. Don’t get me wrong, Perez has capitalized on one of our most basic needs, and for that I applaud him. However, we need to see that it is this type of material that is making our society fall into a Cimmerian hole, which is getting deeper and deeper.

Taking it upon ourselves to see that this type of blogging (because I refuse to call it journalism) is not only detrimental to us, but also blinding. It makes us think that occurrences such as Megan Fox buying a new purse, holds more validity then a recent change in public health care. The death of millions around the world, and within our own city is getting washed over because Anna Nicole Smith overdosed on some type of narcotic. You may say to yourself, “yeah well everyone says that, and that’s a liberal hippie standpoint.”

No, I am by no means a Hippie or a liberal, and I do realize that a lot of people say that, but we need to wake up America. Perez Hilton provides nothing of use for us, and nothing of considerable value. It’s not like we are going to be on our death bed and say to our children, “Jason grab the laptop. I need to check Perez Hilton’s sight and see what’s going on in Hollywood so I can get some bearing on things before I bite the big one.”

Never in my lifetime have I been so fervent on trying to understand the phenomenon that is Perez. He insults people, nips at their very heels anytime they slip up or make a mistake, and we love it. Then he has the nerve to question the fact of why people punch him that are in the business, why they attack him, and why he is getting the cold shoulder. He’s like the kid in home room that would always kick your chair and when you turned around and slapped him in the face he would wonder why.

I for one don’t want my children to grow up in a world where wayward media, materialism, and crude behavior is not only applauded, but rewarded. Please America, please ask yourself why this man is famous.


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