ABC “Bachelorette” Ashley and Single Dad Bentley Dramatic Breakup

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Why is “Bachelorette” show host, Chris Harrison, blogging such dire mantra of Ashley Hebert’s journey to find love?  It seems that the 28-year-old single Utah Bachelor, Bentley Williams, is finally found out in the upcoming Monday episode to be the show’s villain, of no comparison.

Harrison blogs, “Let me be very clear the things he said about Ashley and his feelings for her weren’t cute and they weren’t funny. They were out of line and disrespectful. He knew for a fact he wasn’t into Ashley and wanted nothing to do with her, yet he continued to lead her on emotionally and physically as well, and that in my book is not cool.

Bentley played Ashley this week and got a rose on the group date. As you saw in the preview things come to a head and unravel in a major way next week. We’ve had so-called bad guys or villains on this show before but we’ve never had anything like this. What you will see next week will easily be one of the most talked about moments ever. There won’t be one viewer that won’t have a very strong opinion about what unfolds. We’ve had plenty of dramatic moments over the years and I even joke about using that word all the time. This is different and it is nothing to joke about.”

Although “Bachelorette” show production almost ceased due to the heartbreaking condition of these encounters between Hebert and Bentley, the show continued and reportedly, through Hebert’s perseverance, there is a happy ending.

The day after the show’s premier in May, Jimmy Kimmel interviewed Hebert and tried to find out if she had chosen a man from the show’s line up, but all he could get out of her what that she is very happy with how the show turned out.

Watch the interview here:

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