Easy Homemade Halloween Treats

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Halloween marks the unofficial start of the holiday season and gets everyone in the mood for home cooked meals and sweet treats. You can turn baking festive treats into your favorite new activity and it’ll end with a tasty freshly baked treat. Get creative with cookies, brownies, and other treats that will catch your eye during the holiday season.

Try whipping up some Ghost Pastries that are sure to spook up your relaxing movie night with all your friends. You will need Oreos, cream cheese, white candy coating, and 1 tablespoon of shortening. Crush up your Oreos until they are crumbled, and mix in the cream cheese. After your dough is formed, have fun shaping the treat into the shape of ghosts. Melt the candy coating and pour it on top of your spooky treats and use a tooth pick to create your ghosts face and other details. Leave your ghosts in the fridge for two hours to cool, and enjoy your terrifying baked goods.

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What better way to enjoy the holiday season than decorating Sugar Cookies and being creative at the same time. Bake your sugar cookies and make sure to get orange, green, and white frosting to decorate. Swoop on the orange frosting and create a festive jack-o-lantern and make sure to add a face with your white frosting. This is one of the best ways to be creative with cooking because your sugar cookie is a blank canvas. There are hundreds of different designs that you can come up with, and you and your friends can compare your festive cookies.

You can turn anything into an October-festive treat, the simplicity is the best part. Make some delicious fudge Brownies that look like mummies. Bake your brownies like you usually would, and make sure you have green M&M’s and white frosting as well. Once your chocolaty treats are created, cut them into squares, and round the top part of the brownie so it can look like a head. After this, spread the white frosting on 1/3 of the brownie, and the very top of the round tip of the brownie, leaving a line of chocolate bare. On this bare part, put green candies so they resemble eyes, and you’ll have yourself a very spooky brownie.

If you want to add some fruit into your baking activities, try making white chocolate covered strawberries that resemble a ghost. Make sure to have white chocolate chips, mini dark chocolate chips, and of course, strawberries. Cut off the stems of the strawberries and start melting the white chocolate into a pot. Place the strawberries on cookie sheets, and scoop out the melted chocolate onto your fruit. Once the treats are covered, make sure to stick three chocolate chips onto the strawberries before the chocolate hardens. Make sure to arrange the chocolates into two eyes, and one for the open mouth.

Fill your October holidays with doughy treats and nights of baking with your best friends. Let your creativity soar and see all the different things that you can make this Halloween season.

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