Golf Tip #9 With Mike Pitt: Chipping to Your Spot

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As you may have seen in the past few months, the SD Entertainer has been working with Adam Porzak from the Porzak Golf Academy in showing us various golf tips and tricks. Adam provides our readers with helpful golf tips that will improve anyone’s game.

In our series, Golf Tips with Adam Porzak, Tip #8 showed us Ball Position and Face Angle, and today we are featuring Golf Tip #9, Chipping to Your Spot. Watch the video below.

This video features Mike Pitt from the Porzak Golf Academy. He begins by letting us into a short game secret that will change the way we chip around the green.

Pitt explains what 85% of players do during a short game shot. When golfers get up to the ball, they look at the hole and quickly come to the conclusion that the goal is to get the ball into the hole. The issue is the golfer stays focused solely on the hole, and although they hit a great shot, the ball ends up no where near the hole.

He then goes on to explain that better players are getting up to their shot, and not focusing so much on the hole, but instead, focusing on their spot. Better players already understand where they need the ball to go without fixating on it.

“They have the vision to realize that, all I need to do to get this ball near the hole is to actually land it in a spot short of the hole and let it release there.”

Mike Pitt wants all golfers to stop focusing so much on the destination of the hole, but instead, focus on what spot the ball needs to go in order to get it to that destination.

If you are interested in learning more from Adam Porzak or Mike Pitt, make sure to visit the Porzak Academy’s website.  The website includes a blog that is full of different tips to help golfers of all levels.

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