Halloween costumes 2009 – Celebrities and wild things

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Last year the costume you’d see at every Halloween party – at least twice – was the joker from “The Dark Knight.” Not only was the movie a major hit, the shock of actor Heath Ledger’s death amplified the popularity of the costume.

In fall 2007, with her increasingly regular scandalous appearances in tabloids, Amy Winehouse was the celebrity to masquerade as at costume parties. Her beehive-like hair, distinctive tattoos and dramatic make up provided for an inexpensive, do it yourself costume choice.  Whether it’s tabloid gossip or appalling death, people like to be up to date with their current events—even when it comes to picking their Halloween costumes.

So it should come to no surprise that “the costume” to be for Halloween 2009 is Michael Jackson. His enormous influence over all music, along with his best-selling albums and his ability to transform the music video into an art form in the early 80s dubbed him the status as the “King of Pop.” His entertaining music videos, dance techniques, and musical sound appealed to all cultures and generations. So when he died this summer on June 25, the world was shocked and saddened. Oddly enough, it seemed that his popularity increased even more after his death. Almost every radio station played his songs throughout the day and his record sales soared all over the nation—and four months later his boost in popularity returns as people rush into the stores, attempting to compile the best King of Pop costume.

Photo by Eneas via Flickr

Photo by Eneas via Flickr

A typical Michael Jackson costume consists of tight black pants, a black or red leather jacket, and one glove. Although choosing to dress up as a recently deceased celebrity has its controversies, the costume no doubt will be a hit on the dance floor at Halloween parties, especially when “Thriller” comes on–just make sure you know how to dance.

Other popular costumes this season are bound to be Jon/Kate Gosslin and Octo-mom. Maybe some version of Balloon Boy will make an appearance as well? Who knows!

Photo from Karen Apricot New Orleans via Flickr

Photo from Karen Apricot New Orleans via Flickr

Although dressing up as your favorite celebrity is a trendy choice, group and couple costumes are an especially unique and always popular choice. From Adam and Eve, Branjelina, to bacon and eggs, dressing up in groups or pairs is always a sensation at parties. To really stand out, and for a greater chance at winning that costume contest, one could opt for the “plug and socket”— an off the wall couple costume that’s not seen very often. The plug and socket, although not a flattering or sexy costume, is great fun for those with a sense of humor and an affinity for innuendos.

Other costumes that won’t be as ubiquitous at parties (but if you see them you have some really awesome friends) include the “Where the Wild Things are” characters. The movie, based on a popular children’s book came out this October, and this costume choice would be great for kids. It would also make a great do-it-at-home project. However if you were a big fan of the book growing up, feel free to go all out. There are select adult costumes available, and they’re quite elaborate. The over the top, large masks of the Wild Things make it a rather expensive and sweaty choice, but nevertheless, it is an extremely original option.

Regardless of whether you choose your costume based on recent celebrity drama, bizarre humor, or creativity, you’ll want this year to be a Halloween you won’t forget. Chances are you’re a procrastinator like me and have yet to figure out what your costume will be, even though Halloween is this weekend. So now that you have some fun ideas, there’s really no excuse for you to not have an exciting, stand-out-in-the-crowd costume.

Some interesting ideas we’ve seen and heard of are:

  • Nick Noltey’s Mug Shot (Hawaiian shirt, dirty hair, you get the picture)
  • Chick Magnet (glue barbies to your clothes)
  • VIP Section (wrap yourself in red ropes and carry a clip board around)
  • Box of Wine (you can even attach the wine bladder to the inside of your costume; be as creative as you want with the spout location!)

Do you have any other creative ideas? Comment below to give your fellow San Diegans last minute costume inspiration.


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